Collisions involving commercial trucks are complicated plain and simple.  These accidents often occur at highway speeds and involve a tractor trailer rig that weighs in excess of 60,000 pounds.  This combination of factors often results in catastrophic injuries or death. 


The fact is that accidents are part of the everyday business of large trucking companies.  Therefore, these companies have teams of investigators, risk management specialists, and attorneys, that are prepared to respond at a moments notice to immediately begin work on preparing a defense when the inevitable happens.   A delayed response or missteps at this point may forever impair one’s ability to obtain justice.  One must be ready to act and know where to look, if justice is to be found.


Crash reports in these types of cases are often not timely released by the investigating agencies for a variety of factors.  Usually, this provides the trucking companies and their insurance carriers with a head start.  However, diligence and determination on the part of plaintiff’s counsel can turn the tide.  


Promptly determining what caused the collision or contributed to it's occurrence is crucial in determining what defendants need to be brought into the fray.  The defense will normally attempt to point the finger in the direction of someone else…. anyone else, rather than allow it to fall upon the party or parties who should take responsibility for the collision and the damages resulting there from.  Potential defendants might include the driver of the truck, the trucking company, the truck’s manufacturer, insurance companies, independent contractors, etc.. 


The underlying cause of the collision might include a distracted, tired or impaired driver.  The driver might have been inexperienced or may have been improperly trained.  The tractor trailer rig might have been inadequately maintained or it’s equipment might have been defective.   Poor weather conditions and the driver’s failure to take proper corrective measures under such circumstances might have come into play.  Even issues related to the improper loading of the truck’s contents can result in horrific collisions.


Further complicating the handling of these claims is the fact that an array of federal and state laws and regulations come into play in most situations, and an understanding of the various trucking laws that affect a particular claim is important.


At one point in my career, I represented commercial trucking entities.  As a consequence, I have some insight into how these types of claims are investigated and handled.   I know that you and your family are likely facing significant medical concerns, large medical bills, lost income and income producing ability, loss of transportation, and complex financial issues stemming from the combined effect of all of these issues.   I, and the members of my team, are prepared to devote our education, training and years of experience to assist you and your family with these issues, and to pursue those that need to be held accountable for your losses. 


Finally, please remember that the trucking company and it’s insurance carrier is already preparing their defense.   Any delay at this point will only hinder your ability to obtain the justice you and your family deserve.



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