For those interested in my personal background, I grew up in rural Wisconsin.  After graduating from high school, I made my way to the oil fields of West Texas to earn some money to go to college. When I was able to return to school I eventually earned the following degrees:


University of Texas – Permian Basin: BBA / Finance


Texas Tech University – Graduate School of Business: MBA


Texas Tech University – School of Law: JD


Southern Methodist University – LLM / Federal Taxation


My formal education has served me well over the years.  However, when I was 50 years old I had the opportunity to travel to Wyoming and spend three weeks honing my trial skills at the feet of Gerry Spence, who is without question one of the greatest trial lawyers America has ever produced.  I return to Gerry's ranch on an annual basis now, forever working at discovering the story that dwells within me; and thereby enhancing my ability to not only truly hear my clients' stories, but to share them with the jury.


If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, whether that be an individual or a huge corporation, and you are looking for someone who is interested in really listening to your story and who will do his best to truly understand what you have been going through, please give me a call.




Gregg W. Abel, Esq.
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